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NETCRACKER Ltd. founded NetCracker Technology

Official name

NETCRACKER Ltd. founded NetCracker Technology

Year established


Property type

Limited liability company

Number of employees


Number of employees in R&D



+38 (044) 238 87 27


+38 (044) 238 87 26


Business type

Development of software/ telecommunications/ internet

CEO/Legal Representative

Terentiev Vitalii


4/6, P. Lumumba Str.,Kyiv, Ukraine


NetCracker Technology is a leader in the field of development and implementation of operation support systems for telecoms operators, large enterprises and governmental institutions. Owing to rich experience of NetCracker Technology, the NetCracker software package enables efficient development and implementation of new services, as well as effective service and resource infrastructure management. For 15 years NetCracker Technology has been advancing and achieved success as an independent company. In order to facilitate further development of the company and ensure improved quality of the product, decision has been made to merge with NEC Corporation. NEC has earned its good name through innovations in telecommunications and information technologies, as well as the wide range of available services and products. Merger with NEC Corporation has created new opportunities for expansion and development of the NetCracker Technology product line as well as for becoming firmly established as a leader in the field of innovative solutions. Global infrastructure of NEC Corporation has enabled NetCracker Technology to expand the area of application of its complex solutions with the view to intensification of transformation of the telecoms operators’ business.

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