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Khotter Ukraine, Open Company

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    fax: +380 48 7330040

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  • Aerogrill HOTTER HX-1037 CLASSIC

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Aerogrill HOTTER HX-1037 CLASSIC

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Aerogrill HOTTER HX-1037 CLASSIC
Multipurpose model
Electronic control (more modern design, are convenient in management and leaving)
3 speeds konvektsii (low, average, high)
The timer at 24 o'clock
Demountable cover (models with a demountable cover are recommended for kitchen with low hanging regiments which disturb to cover opening on an arm; they also allow to use at once 2 and more increasing rings.)
The ergonomic handle of a cover with the latent gauge of opening
Working volume: 10 l - 18 l.
Automatic mode of a warming up of food
Power consumption: 600 - 1300 Vt
Demountable network cord (a standard cable, characteristic for modern office equipment. Convenient and safe connection. Length of a cable - 1,8 m.)
Working capacity at pressure differences
Operation term - 10 years
The manufacturer: Great Britain
Guarantee - 1 year
Colours: White, Red, Black